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Monday, December 11, 2006


X01HT unlock/english version price
Here you can see the X01HT windows mobile from SOFTBANK changed to HTC-Z docomo it means that i properly changed and download the extended ROM version and also i changed bootloader 1.06 to 1.04 so i can easily change language now from japanese to ENGLISH..........................................................

Unlock fee: 5,000 yen
unlock and english OS installation: 7,000 yen

hurry up and make your X01HT in easy and comportable mode

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nokia unlock codes restriction codes secret codes


Friday, September 15, 2006

An SIM LOCK cancellation possible abroad GSM/3G Mobile Phone for:

An SIM LOCK cancellation possible abroad GSM/3G Mobile Phone for:

-I can remove the mobile phone which an overseas SIM LOCK hangs, and it is a model.
-Please refer for other models.

J200i, J200c, J210i, J220, J230, J300i, J300c, J300a, K300i, K300c, K300a, K500i, K500c, K506c, K508iK510, K600, K600c, K608i, K610i K700i, K750i, K750c, K758c, P800, P802, P900, P907, P908, P910i, P910c, P910a P990i, P990c, S700i, S700c, S710a V800 V802SEW300, W600i, W550i, W550c, W600i, W700, W800i, W800c, W810i, W810i, W900i, W900c, Z200, Z208, Z300i, Z300c, Z300a Z500i, Z500c, Z500a, Z520i, Z520c, Z520a, Z525, Z530, Z600, Z608, Z800i, Z800c, Z1010i, Z1010c
C975 , C250 , C260 , C266 , C330 ,C331, C332 , C333, C334 , C350L , C350V , C353 , C359V, C370 C450, C450L , C550, C650 , C350L-R312, C385 , C380 , C115, C236 , C268, C335V, C116, C117,C155 C156 and others E1000 , E380, E370, E396, E398, E365, E378i and others V980, V150, V151, V300, V303, V400, V500 , V525, V551 V505, V171, V975(ver R245_xxx) , V170, V1050 and others V60 , V66, V60i, V66i , V70 and others V3, V80, V80( incl. R37_G_OE.03.26R) and others T280, T720, T720i, T722i, T720-T720_G_05_08_81R, T721 A1000(M1000) , A835, A920, A925 , A845 , A630
A1000, A101, A102
Vs2, Vs3, Vs6, Vs7, Mx6, Mx7, Sa6, Sa7
SAMSUNG   A800, C100, C108, C110, C120, C200, C210, C216, C225, C230, D100, D307, D347, D357, D407, D410, D415, D428, D488, D500, D500E, D508, D510, D520, D550, D600, D710, D720, D730, D800, D820, E100, E105, E217, E300, E310, E315, E316, E317, E318, E320, E330, E335, E340, E350, E360, E400, E418, E530, E560, E600, E610, E620, E630, E635, E640, E650, E700, E710, E715, E720, E730, E740, E750, E760, E770, E800, E810, E820, E850, E860, E870, E880, E910, I300, I505, I700, Nxxx, N700, N710, P100, P207, P300, P400, P510, P518, P705, P710, P720, P730, P735, P738, P777, P850, Rxxx, S100, S105, S200, S300, S300M, S341I, S342I, S400I, S410I, S500, S500I, T100, T108, T609, T309, T719, T809, V100, V200, V804SS, X100, X105, X120, X138, X140, X150, X156, X200, X300, X400, X426, X427, X430, X450, X460, X466, X475, X478, X480, X486, X490, X495,X497,X507, X600, X610, X620, X630, X636, X640, X660, X700, X770, X800, X810, X900, Z100, Z105, Z107, Z110, Z130, Z140, Z150, Z300, Z320, Z500, Z510, Z540, Z548 ,Z700, ZV10, ZV30, ZM60, ZX10, V804SS
E606, E608, E228, E313, E616, E616V, E338, E101, N342i, N110, E121, N343i, N411i,
N540, N412i, NEC L1 949, N200, N500
3G models
8110 8120 8130 8138 8180 8330 8360 8380 8150 8210 8290 8550
2G models
C1100, C1200, C1400, C3100, C2200, L3100, G7100, C3300, C3310, G5400, F2400, B2050, B2100,         C3320, L342I, L341I, B2000, C2100, C3400, F2100, F2300, F2400, F2410, G1500, G1600, G1610, G7000, G7020, G7030, F7250T, G7050, G5500, G4010, G4011, G4020, G4050, G4015, W5220
S2xx, S3xx, P2xx, M5xx, S6xx; SND200, SND230, P200, P230
902T, 903T, 803T, 904T
801SH, 802SH, 902SH, 703SH, 703SHf, 903SH 

After releasing SIM lock, VODAFONE was not able to E-mail live or VODAFONE

After releasing SIM lock, VODAFONE was not able to E-mail live or VODAFONE

1: For Sharp903SH-902SH-802SH-703SH-703SHF

*Because an overseas SIM card is used by a Japanese version.
(If SIM card of VODAFONE is not used, the service of VODAFONE is not received.)

*When SIM card of DOCOMO is used, the service of VODAFONE is not received.

*It is not likely to be able to use it with a card of VODAFONE.

1. Please pick up the network of VODAFONE in the network self adjustment or the manual setting. The network has cut it by moving the place.
2. Because the setting of "3G" by a setting of GSM when it uses it by 3G/GSM setting in Japan in the network setting or the overseas locale.
3. Because it is in the VODAFONE network out of the sphere. (Impropriety is even when the antenna stands, acceptance defense.. additionally, the reason : about the network from the remodeling model on the verge region and the base side of the base station for the building obstacle and the base station maintenance, etc. in bad weather, the building, and the underground, etc. . Moreover, when abnormality is not found in all, it is likely to be able to evade by changing the network career.
Example: China mobile communication, China lead type change
4. When you do not understand the cause excluding an item all above-mentioned. (With SIM card of VODAFONE.) It is time when is around the city part and it is not likely to be able to pick it up by doing the display to pick up the electric wave.
5. Due to the breakdown by trouble because of the breakdown of the telephone, the breakdown of SIM card, and SIM lock release work.
6. Because the others state of the suspension because of the use of SIM card that has been canceled.

2: For Sony Ericsson 802SE
*Because the VODAFONE live setting has disappeared because it has released MP3. It comes to be able to use it by the re-setting by the hand input.
*Additionally, there is a cause like above-mentioned 1.

3: For 801SH-801SA
*If not SIM card of 3G but SIM cards of V8 series 801 special are contracted, these 801 series cannot E-mail live VODAFONE. (For instance, it is possible only to talk over the telephone even if SIM card used with 903SH is pierced to 801.)
*Additionally, there is a cause like above-mentioned 1.

4: For Toshiba
*Because SIM card of DOCOMO and an overseas SIM card are used.
*Additionally, there is a cause like above-mentioned 1.

5: For DOCOMO FOMA M1000
*VODAFONE Live with FOMA card cannot be done.

- The model that can talk over the telephone with FOMA card of DOCOMO?
It becomes 903SH-703SH-703SHf-802SH. (Even if 801SA/801SH is recognized, the telephone call is defective.)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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Sunday, August 06, 2006


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